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Blogging your passion

I started to know about online blogging in 2010 with the first platform being Yahoo! 360, then sites like Yobanbe, Blogspot, Tumblr, and until now I choose WordPress as a place for me to share everyday stories in my life.

“Blogging your passion” is a quote I stumbled across on the internet, I’m very impressed with that quote and consider it as a goal to make this blog.

You can access my blog through the following links:
dntg.vn | dntgiang.com | dangnguyentruonggiang.com

Business Administration

I trained in 03 majors:
Business Administration, Fisheries Management, and Animal Husbandry

I am very fortunate to work with great companies and friendly colleagues.

Millennials/ Gen Y

Your Life Is Your Story.
Write Well. Edit Often.

As a generation that changes in technology and focuses on speed, convenience, and efficiency in all activities, that is also what I always try to do.

Technology / Internet / Apps
since 2010
since 2010
Soft skills

As the three main topics of this blog, hope to help you.

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